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All natural ingredients made with your body and soul in mind, so you can feel good about eating your favorite sweets… It’s “indulgence without the guilt.”


Premium ingredients carried out with master chef-like precision, produce sweets that taste as good as they look!


Carefully crafted with love, our homemade family recipe has earned the praise of countless satisfied customers. Purchase yours today and see why “One taste calls for another!”

About Lou's Gourmet

Lou’s Gourmet Sweets began as a source of delight for friends and family during social gatherings. It is now among Chicago’s most enjoyed daily treats. The sweet ascension into the Windy City began in 2008 when founder Rachelle Smith took it upon herself to share her grandmothers (Louvenia Goosby-“Lou”) irresistible recipe with the buying public.

Rachelle realized the now renowned quote “one taste calls for another” was so fitting for her grandmothers’ original oatmeal cookie. From that point forward the love affair with Lou’s was obvious. Rachelle acted on the positive feedback by developing a operation that engaged the services of her loved ones. Coetta Louvenia (her mother) and Peter Smith (husband) continue to maintain integral positions in the company.

Before long the signature Oatmeal cookie was available in a wide variety of options, which are as delectable and appeasing as the original. Rachelle’s passion for baking cookies continued to grow. “They say when you’re doing what you love things kind of fall in place”.

The demand for Lou’s continued, as requests for traditional treats like chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies poured in by the hour. Naturally, she was happy to oblige Lou’s ever growing customer populace while simultaneously developing the citrus line, perhaps the second most popular line available.


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